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BeDriven Athletic Program

BeDriven Athletics
Athletic Training for Youth Athletes Ages 15-18.


This curriculum is designed to help develop high-level power, speed, and strength through lifts, speed, and agility programming. Our BDA program mirrors a Division 1 collegiate program. Our coaches are certified personal trainers and sports nutritionist to help athletes achieve optimum results!

Athletic Development

Speed & Power

  • High – level plyometric training

  • Advanced agility and change of direction

  • Max Velocity speed and advanced linear acceleration


  • Advanced strength and conditioning program

  • Increased Olympic lifting proficiency and utilization

  • Increased capacity for work (hypertrophy

Movement Quality & Skill

  • Optimal mobility and flexibility

  • Injury prevention techniques/ Prehab

  • Advanced conditioning

  • High – level footwork, coordination, and balance

A lot of gyms make promises they can’t always follow through on.  We are no ordinary gym.  Our none traditional fitness training facility offers certified personal training in a group environment.  Our specialized facility offers customized equipment and a supportive environment, where students learn their athletic leadership role.  We drive hard, compete harder, and encourage every step of the way.

Try Us for Free!

Interested in learning more about our BDA program for young athletes?  We invite you to schedule a FREE consultation with head coach Darnell Green at (205) 475-0139.  When you’re here, you’re not just in another gym.  You are a part of our family.  Your goals are our goals, and we aim to bring out the best in all our partners!

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